Density gradient separation

Density gradient medium for cell separation
 Gentaur’s GentoDenZ is just like its cousin Nycodenz a non-toxic, non-ionic universal density gradient medium. They both share a number of characteristics with their related predecessor metrizamide. However, the more stable, more inert nature of these compounds endows them with a number of favorable properties as a gradient medium. GentoDenZ is freely soluble in water and solutions up to 80% (w/v) with a density of 1.426 g/ml can be prepared.

Gradient formation:

·     In situ centrifugation (self-formed gradients)

·     Layering gradient solutions

·     Freezing and thawing

Separation of…

·     Mononuclear cells

·     Nucleic Acids

·     Cellular organelles

·     Nucleoproteins

·     Polysaccharides

·     Viruses and bacteria

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19-DENZ-50GentoDenZ50 g48€
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