PBMC separation of Lymphocytes


Lymphocyte separation




Density separation gradients are commonly used for Lymphocytes separation. 

Monocytes, T-cells, granulocytes, dendritic cells, B cells are all pre separated with these separation media:

SD7033 M63 Medium BBI Biotech
4300 Mounting Medium Virostat
Description: This is Mounting medium (non-fading) used for maintaining optimal conditions needed to obtain the maximum fluorescence emission from Fluorescein.
K850-10 OrgFrontier? Viable/Non-Viable Cells Separation Kit Biovision
23001 EverBrite Mounting Medium Biotium
Description: Minimum order quantity: 1 unit of 10mL
abx098879-500ml RPMI 1640 Medium Abbexa
1211-20 SuperMOUNT? Mounting Medium Biovision
DJ1019 H Medium Broth BBI Biotech

Cell separation reagents can be found from different sources:

abx082102-200ml Lymphocyte separation medium (human) Abbexa
K2112-50 Cytosol/Particulate Separation Kit ApexBio
K267-50 Cytosol/Particulate Separation Kit Biovision
K850-10 OrgFrontier? Viable/Non-Viable Cells Separation Kit Biovision
BR2000-SP Additional platform separators (4 ea.). Adds 1.25" to platform separation BenchMark